• Falling Amethyst Necklace


    La amatista is an outstanding women's Amethyst necklace. Beautiful purple Amethyst gemstones hung from a silver chain. Show off your trendsetting style when you wear this gorgeous piece. The entire quartz family is amazing, but Amethyst is definitely the one wearing the crown. February birthstone...perfect for anyone with a birthday falling in that month! Amethyst is one of the most beloved healing crystals. Here are just a few benefits of wearing amethyst close to your heart: A low level of heat given off by amethysts may help provide a feeling of calm for the body, spiritual protection, inner strength and purity of the mind, making them a great meditation tool. For this piece I have given you the option to change the stone if you would rather something different. Just check off the stone you would like and I will make the necklace using the stone you have chosen. So why not grab this beauty up for yourself or a loved one? Just click the Add to Cart button and its yours!